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Sky Quest Sky Quest

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game. Mana upgrades would be nice, And better cost/benefit on the more advanced spells. A 300 mana spell when 300 is max should at least clear the screen. Just firing the 100 cost bolt 3 times does more.

A bit more description for the weapons would be nice. It tells you when you unlock it, but it's gone afterwards. Also, it'd be nice to have a weapon with more spread. I assumed the three shot looking version of the main gun would work like the classic 3 spread shot.

Overall a great and fun game.

Add me for the 'coop'

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Driller Rush Driller Rush

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This is close to being pretty good. It could use some changes.

The terrain generation should be a bit more forgiving up front. Often times, I'll die immediately due to a tiny gap between two rocks. Also, it really shouldn't stop you as much if you're only barely touching rocks. It should do something like the average of the material you're going through. Perhaps having less dense rocks at the beginning would be useful.

It might be worth considering an upgrade system to use the gems for, or giving a speed boost, or drill strength, or something. As it stands, it's hard to tell if they're worth going for at all. Upgrades aren't necessary, but having a better feedback for the gems, even if it's only a a +100 showing up for a moment under the score instead of adding silently to the score, will make collecting them feel better.

The controls don't seem intuitive to me. Since it's rotation based, I keep wanting the controls to be inverted. It might be a good idea to give that option.

Also, if I leave it at the high score screen for a while, it seems to cause terrible lag, which goes away as soon as I go to start playing again, so you might have some leakage going on. If you plan on doing anything more with this game, you'll want to fix that.

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Wingmen Wingmen

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good game, poor execution

This game could have been excellent, but it falls short.

I don't understand how this falls into a strategy game. The only control you have is when to build units. When there's only one unit available, what else is there to do but build it as fast as possible? Later on, there's a choice of what units to build, but even then, it basically plays itself.

You need to add more strategy to it. For instance, you could at least give us the capabilities the AI clearly has, like setting fighters to guard a certain region, or stay near another ship. We can't even have our ships fire at a particular target.

It needs the ability to give basic commands, like wait/attack/retreat. Specifying a preferred target would also be very nice.

Without this, I don't know how survival mode is even possible.

This game is so close to being a 10 : /

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Greater Fighter Greater Fighter

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Such potential...

This could have been a great game. It's very fun, and looks good, but you need to work on some of the mechanics. Adding specials to the mercs made it a lot more playable, but your EXP system is nonsensical. The orange guy levels up almost instantly with his special, as does Sammy at low levels. The slow shooting guys with non area of effect attacks are basically unlevelable, unless you sink in an absurd amount of time.

There should be bonus EXP for defeating a fighter. This would help fix the problem. Also, there should always be a way to win. The second boss's attack where he shoots all around himself and rams you is undodgeable at times, especially if you combine characters. That's just frustrating.

You should need less EXP to level up, and gain higher EXP for battling enemies above your rank. For instance, if I finish off a level 10 with a level 1 guy, I expect to gain at least 2 levels.

Limiting the ability to combine to one player is silly. It'd be better to either give all 3 mains that ability, or include mercs. Otherwise, it just doesn't come up often.

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Eridani RTS Eridani RTS

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very good, could've been much better

This game was very easy. Once you know how to play, you can beat the last level in a minute or so without much effort. You've got a good thing going here, but there's a lot missing.

I noticed the enemies never expanded to new planets. This is quite a problem. It means you need to take out a single building, and the enemies can no longer build anything. Additionally, you're at your leasure to expand outwards. The game would be several times more enjoyable and challenging if the enemy left the confines of their base.

The lower quality ships become effectively useless as soon as you can buy better ones. This is a problem because you never use them again after the first level. The ship cap is a large part of this. It would be fixed by adjusting the ship cap to include ship power, so you could for instance, have 20 regular fighters, or 2 of the orbital destroyers.

It's cool that your build speed advances as you get more power, however, the rate is a bit too extreme, especially when the AI does not take advantage of it. Getting +20 power lets you build planet destroyers in about 2 seconds. You should either tone that down a bit, or adjust the AI accordingly.

Speaking of which, the AI is in need of a lot of work. You don't need to make it terribly complicated, just adjust its behavior based on the game lay out. It should attempt to expand fairly early, build lots of power plants, and rush for resources, while attempting to distrupt yours. I generally found they would focus on a single attack structure, when attacking other things would've been very harmful for me. A better AI, with no other changes, would make this an awesome game in my opinion.
If you have trouble making the AI harder, make it cheat. Give it a higher ship cap, make it mine faster (though that was never an issue for me. The cap of ships left me with a whole lot of extra cash)

I'm alright with the bad Interplanetary missile tracking. It makes you want to control better situated planets. You should, however, make it more clear that they can't hit the far side of planets. A sentence in their description would save you a lot of complaints.

You should also allow, if enemies don't expand, for there to be multiple planets with enemies on them. It's very easy to focus your attack on a single target. Prioritizing between multiple bases would add a bit of S to the RTS.

Overall, I think this game is alright, but it has awesome potential. I can't wait to see a sequel.

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Bullet Chaos Bullet Chaos

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Quite fun, but short and shallow

A very fun and pretty game. It could use some improvements. For instance, lower priced weapons are only worth buying if higher priced weapons aren't available. Each step up is strictly better. What you should have instead is some sort of trade-off. Make guns that specialize in different things, like a rapid fire, but low power gun, a high power, low fire rate gun, and things like that.

The menus feel cluttered and when buying things, I had to think to see what the gun attributes were. Buying menus should be intuitive, with relevant information clearly displayed.

The gameplay is excellent, I've played the game about 4 times, and am not bored with it.

A hint to people having problems: Wait a level to buy any upgrade, then buy the 4th gun, then save up for the 8th, and upgrade it. After that, get the max auto turret. Although upgrading those fully costs nearly the cost of two more, it is worth it since the new shots travel much faster and explode into more pieces. The display made me think it just shot twice as fast.

Line Tower Wars Line Tower Wars

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good idea, poor execution

This game would be quite nice with a major graphics overhall. Everything looks the same. I have to look very closely to tell what is a wall and what is a turret. Walls should be very bland, just something to show a wall is there. A black square would be more effective that whatever sort of x thing you're using now is. It looks too much like the first turret. It was also not clear to me how much upgrades cost, or what would be upgraded, or what sort of things get you money. Interfaces should be intuitive and smooth. Information needs to be presented in a format that lets you see everything that is relevant. For instance, it would be a good idea if hovering over a turret gave you its stats, upgrade cost, and what the upgrade costs. An option to see the range layed out would be nice, too.

Since the game is long, you should certainly have a save feature yet. I actually haven't played long enough to find if there is one, but if there isn't, there should be one. I'm currently just really turned off by the clutter on the screen. The board tiles themselves with their 3D set up does not make sense and just obscures things.

John Citizen John Citizen

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good, needs work

Your time slow function is very buggy. On the final level. the timer for the explosion of the bombs the plane drops and the speed/rate of the jet aren't effected by slowing time. Also, enemy spawns aren't effected in the rampage mode. Additionally, the spikes don't charge in slowmo, or they charge, but the time alloted for charging is not effected.
I enjoyed it overall, though.

If you're going to put the names of real places to something, you should make an effort to make it look the part.

Black Knight:Insurrection Black Knight:Insurrection

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fun game,

Pretty fun. My only complaints are the movements of the knight. It can't jump over other pieces, and this is not explained. I've gotten stuck because of this in situations a knight should easily escape. I noticed the small note about limiting rooks, bishops, and queens, but it should be a bit more obvious.

Hallow Mind Hallow Mind

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Meh... Not that great.

This game could've been much better...

First off, if I'm in a zombie game, and I prefer pistol to shotgun, you've got a problem. shotgun's damage should be proximity based, most likely on the number of shots hitting. You seem to have it doing the same damage as a pistol shot. 15 fragments hitting all over, which look about like pistol shots, should do a bit more. You could up reload time to balance that. The machine gun shouldn't require you to be still, and if it does, it should notify you of this. I didn't know till I read a review. You should allow revisiting of levels, 'cause it's quite inconvenient to get to the market and not be able to buy the gun you need. Also, wtf with these tank things? They basically kill you right away, and there's not much to do about it, except try to grenade them without other stuff touching you.

You should be able to move while throwing a grenade, and why do you stop if anything gets near you? It's quite annoying, and makes little sense. If I've already primed it, I expect to see a boom somewhere...

Saving would be quite a good thing to have, too.

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